Objection Petitions, Related Court Orders and Other Filings

Objections to Nomination Petitions/Papers of Statewide and State Level Candidates Seeking to Be Placed on the Ballot for the Next Primary or Municipal/General Election

This page contains copies of all Petitions to Set Aside Nomination Petitions/Papers (Objection Petitions) filed in the Commonwealth Court’s original jurisdiction related to the nomination petitions/papers of statewide and state level candidates seeking to be placed on the upcoming Primary or Municipal/General Election ballot. (Statewide and state level offices include but are not limited to federal offices such as president, vice-president, senator, and representative in Congress; state offices having statewide authority such as governor; offices based on election district such as state legislative seats; and judges of the courts of common pleas and Philadelphia Municipal Court. Candidates for statewide and state level offices file their nomination petitions or papers with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.)  Objections to nomination petitions or papers that are originally filed with local county boards of election must be filed in the court of common pleas having venue (NOT in the Commonwealth Court), and are not listed on this webpage.  See 42 Pa.C.S. § 931. 

Pursuant to the Notice and Order in In re Objections to Nomination Petitions/Papers in the 2023 Municipal Primary and Municipal Elections and All Future Pennsylvania Elections (Pa. Cmwlth., No. 126 Misc. Dkt. No. 3, dated February 2, 2023) (Notice and Order), posting of the Objection Petitions on this webpage constitutes service of the Objection Petition on the candidate

In addition to the Objection Petitions, the Commonwealth Court will be posting Scheduling and Case Management Orders on this page for each respective matter. Pursuant to the Notice and Order, posting of the Scheduling and Case Management Orders on this webpage constitutes service of the Court’s Order on the objector(s) and the candidate. Pursuant to the Notice and Order, the parties shall frequently monitor this page for additional postings. 

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Objection Petitions and Case Management Orders