The judiciary offers a comprehensive employee benefits package for full-time employees of the Unified Judicial System.

We offer retirement plans, health and life insurance, holiday and paid leave, and various supplemental programs. 

Holidays and Paid Leave

  • Thirteen scheduled holidays per year
  • Vacation leave accrued based on length of service (0-2 years = 12 days)
  • Sixteen days of sick/disability leave accrued per year

Retirement Plan - State Employees' Retirement System (SERS)

  • Mandatory membership – base plan for post 1/1/2019 hire dates is a hybrid defined benefit and defined contribution pension plan
  • Option to elect a different hybrid plan with lower contributions/benefits or a straight defined contribution/investment 401(a) plan
  • Hybrid plans: vesting after 10 years with in-service death and disability benefits
  • Defined contribution/investment plan: immediate vesting for employee contributions; vesting for employer contributions after three years; no disability benefit available

Deferred Compensation Plan (IRC Section 457)

  • Allows tax-deferred contributions up to specified annual IRS limits
  • Wide choice of investment options

Health Insurance Plans (Employee Cost Share)

  • Comprehensive hospital, medical and surgical coverage
  • Supplemental dental, vision and prescription plans
  • Covers full-time employees and eligible dependents

Commonwealth Group Term Life Insurance (Employer Provided)

  • Equal to annual salary up to maximum of $50,000

Employee Assistance Program

  • Offers confidential counseling and referral services to employees and their eligible dependents

Supplemental Life Insurance Program

  • Option to purchase "guaranteed issue" life insurance up to three times salary
  • Option to purchase additional insurance for total of five times salary
  • Coverage may also be purchased for a spouse or eligible dependents

Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan

  • Option to purchase "guaranteed issue" disability coverage
  • Plan pays 40 percent of gross salary for approved disability

Dependent Care Accounts

  • Allows pre-tax dollars to be used for eligible dependent care expenses
  • Employee chooses payroll deduction amount based on estimated costs
  • Maximum annual contribution allowed by IRS = $5,000

Note: all provisions of the judiciary benefits programs are subject to change.