Superior Court Argument Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, oral arguments scheduled before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania will be conducted remotely by advanced communication technology. This page contains documents and information about remote argument sessions. Attorneys, media, and the public are encouraged to check this page frequently for updates.

The Superior Court’s video argument sessions will be livestreamed to the public on YouTube. Audio argument sessions will be accessible to the public by conference call. Information will be posted in this section prior to each day’s session.

Arguing attorneys will receive notice of their designated argument date and time, as well any schedule changes. Other attorneys, media, and the public are advised to check the schedule page frequently because the information is subject to change.

Information for Counsel

Counsel will not appear in person for oral argument; all arguments will be conducted remotely. The remote arguments will be held at designated times indicated on the argument schedule.

Prior to oral argument, parties will receive a notice of oral argument with instructions to participate by way of Cisco Webex Events software. Cisco provides facilities to test this software here:

From 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM the morning of your scheduled argument, Superior Court staff will provide an opportunity to test your audio connection and your video connection, if applicable. To take advantage of the opportunity at that time, follow the instructions provided in the notice for participating in oral argument. Staff will monitor the event and work with you to confirm your connection.

In the event you are unable to participate in argument, contact the respective district office.

Superior Court Remote Argument Procedure

Information for the Media and the Public

Only designated counsel presenting the oral argument will have access to the videoconference session. All other interested participants – co-counsel, parties, the public and media, etc. – may listen or view the arguments in real time through a public livestream.